South Western Roleplay Community is the world’s first South West UK Roleplay community for the Grand Theft Auto 5 modification FiveM. Our community has been developed to feature a wide range of custom vehicles, player models, scripts and more to ensure we provide the most comprehensive UK emergency services or civilian roleplay experience possible.

SWRPC contains a detailed ranking structure to enhance the quality of roleplay, and allow our users to progress in their respective division, if they choose to do so, and ensures that there are plenty of opportunities to further your roleplay experience to the next level. At SWRPC we pride ourselves on offering not only the best roleplay possible but also the best community support available. We have dedicated staff members present around the clock to provide any form of support necessary to our great community of roleplayers. Ranks among our community all have their own roles and responsibilities and will be on hand to support you in whatever you need, be it training, community guidance, or just a good old chit-chat.

Roleplay is a great chance to meet new people, enhance your knowledge of our public services and most importantly, it’s a great way to have fun. If you’re looking for a fun, friendly, but serious roleplay community, look no further, you’ve the found one.


We have a wide range of rules to make sure our community is safe and enjoyable. Rules are updated by our SLT so make sure you keep an eye on them.

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Our community offers a range of different services and divisions to give our members a variety of choices to pick from when applying for our community.

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Contact us

Feel free to ask us any questions about recruitment, our fleet, or just to find out more. Contacting specific divisions in the community is also available on request.

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Devon & Cornwall Police

The police is the most popular service in the community, offering a range of unique ranks, vehicles, divisions, and more. Attending a vast range of calls from domestic abuse to assisting paramedics or from armed robbery to investigating an arson.

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Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue

The fire and rescue service is the first response for not only fire but rescue related calls, giving it one of the biggest variety of calls in the whole community. We assist our colleagues in the police and ambulance services to ensure their safety and assist with rescue as well as making sure the public are kept in out of harm's way.

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South Western Ambulance

The ambulance service are the heroes in green who bring a sense of relief to any scene for both the public and the emergency services. Offering a range of different medic skills including trauma and advanced first aid care as well as a range of specialist vehicles such as HART.

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Control Room / Call Centre

The control room is at the heart of the emergency services. Dispatching units to incidents and keeping the 999 caller calm in possibly one of the worst days of their life.

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Civilian / Criminal Roleplay

The civilians create top quality and highly realistic scenarios for our emergency services which can be criminal based or innocent witness based. The types of callouts are endless for our civilians are requires a real sense of imagination and creativity for the best callouts possible.

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We offer a range of divisions for people to apply into, each with unique roles, vehicles, ranks and more. To see more about a specific division, read more on the Divisions page, or if you’ve seen enough, you can apply today!

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